In 2018 UP was pretty much absent to the world as we focused on our latest update. In our latest version 6.7 we have added new powerups, animations, trampolines and progression in gameplay.

We are still working on a final Apple build, not long now before we upload a final build for review and have UP advertised as normal.

Meanwhile, the last 3 weeks Stuart Archibald has came 1st place every Friday and has won a total of £60 Amazon Vouchers. Why ya’ll ain’t playin?!



Updates to come:
Gameplay –

No Coins Powerdown
Coins fly away from character from 10 seconds.

25% Coins removal powerdown
As it says on the tin.

Potion Powerup
Removes all defects instantly.

Friends scores
See friends profile photo appear on your screen as you jump passed their score.

Features –
Changeable characters
New Daily challenges
New Levels
Friends Challenges

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