February 2019 News & Updates

Here we are into our second month of 2019 and we have finally got a winner for our competition to beat our High Score of 155,255 to win a free T-shirt from our store. Follow us on our Social Media Channels to stay in touch with global challenges to win merchandise. Here’s the video again in case you didn’t see it.

The winner Ryan Pullen didn’t just beat the high score, he took first place with a score of 161,210 and pocketed £20 Amazon Vouchers too.  Noice.

This year we hope the word spreads more on our services giving away free prizes and plan to bring more business’ into the franchised challenges and on that note, more daily challenges. 

Feedback from our users has given us a lot of guidance in making changes/amendments to the platform. We are adding a completely new look – again – to the User Interface making it more modern, easily accessible and a lot smoother.   

We are aware of the issues inside gameplay right now. The reason why powerups aren’t activating sometimes is due to a slight connection issue. It’s not you, its us. We aim to have this resolved by middle of this month.

Finally, Apple. We are almost ready to publish a build to the Apple Store. You users may not have the latest UI look yet, but will implement it within a week of release. 

Here is the video of our winners last week. 

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