These last 2 months have been pretty slow for our Mobile Game. We have had to migrate a name change to the company name on Apple and it stopped us from being able to push updates to our Beta users and the store for the latter. We apologise for the inconvenience for Apple users.

Android otherwise, we have finally fixed the long ongoing signal issue that was causing users to use their powerups but not actually having anything happen. We thank you all for the feeback and have rewarded all our users 10,000 coins.

In this update you will see we have added a new character animation making him move and look more alive. We are yet to add one more animation for him and that is the use of the rocket.

We have added a new Shield powerup. You ever got thrown a dice of 6 reverse controls? slap this badboy on and it will remove all debuffs immediately and making you invincible for 10 seconds. This will allow you to break through wooden logs and other obstacles too.

You can buy the shield powerup in the store, we are working on adding it into daily rewards. Speaking of store, we have visually upgraded the looks. Check it out.

Finally, the news most have been asking and waiting for. The competition is still closed until we have a working version on Apple. We promise you we are nearly there, theres been a good few hurdles we have had to face to cause this delay. We can’t wait to get it started again.

Check out the Games tab and get the links to download UP in store.

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