Potty Putter Toilet Golf


  • PERFECT YOUR GOLF GAME: Picture you, in a…business meeting…perfecting your golf game, even in your off time, so you can really give it to the competition! Now you can! This Potty Golf Game is so lightweight and portable that you can set it up in ANY bathroom! Whether you want it in your home, office, guest bathroom or master bathroom, you’ll be able to take it anywhere. This is great for you, because now you have no excuse to miss practice.
  • A GAME KIDS EVEN LOVE TOO: If you’ve been looking for the perfect potty training incentive, then your search is over! One of the hardest things to do is potty train your toddler, make it fun with our potty golf game! Your toddler will actually WANT to spend time in the bathroom knowing that there’s a fun game waiting for them. That means you’ll have even the toughest toddler potty trained in no time, guaranteed!
  • THE PERFECT FUNNY PRANK FOR ALL GOLF LOVERS: The problem with other funny bathroom game gifts is their poor quality and high price. Our gag gift solves that problem! Why? Because this potty golf game is made of high quality material AND comes with putting green, you’ll be able to practice your golf game on the john without worrying about it breaking! This is great for you because you can save tons of time and money!
  • THE GIFT EVERYONE WILL BE TALKING ABOUT: Our golf game potty putter comes with 2 golf balls, 1 putter, 1 putting green (that wraps around your toilet), and 1 hold with a flag. This means that this is the absolute perfect gag gift for white elephants, Christmas, birthdays, over the hill parties, anniversaries, friends, family and golf lovers and golf haters alike!
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: There’s no question, this Potty Golf Game has everything you’re looking for! Check the Reviews and see what other customers have to say! With nothing but Perfect Orders, you can be confident that your satisfaction is always our #1 priority and that we’ll do everything in our power to make sure you have an excellent customer experience.

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