Up is the first mobile app where you the user can complete challenges to earn discounts off products online and in stores on multiple franchises to come. Right now, Users can subscribe to Jumpstation Trampoline Park challenge, once its completed you earn a coupon code you take straight to the desk and get 20% off your next visit. It is in our intentions to grow to multiple venues, parks, cinemas and even restaurants. All these will be achieved by simply completing their challenges.




We plan to change the entire market rewarding users what they deserve. We don’t believe that ads watched and purchases made shouldn’t just get you to the top of the leaderboard, but reward 1st place a prize that they can actually enjoy.
Our intentions are to give away physical prizes such as Ipads, Consoles, Phones, Days out, Food Frenzy – the lot. Not just to 1st                                               place, but 2nd & 3rd as well.

                                     Welcome to UnderGround Society.



Now available on play store here

Apple users can now download our beta version until we publish to the store Here

To find out more information and updates on this, follow our multiple social media sites and check out our stories.

Disclaimer* UnderGround Society do not use or obtain any information gathered from you other than your email address, Country, Facebook friends and Profile pictures (for game features). We use the email address you use to sign in via Facebook or google to contact you with your voucher code.
Any Hackers will get Banned at any given attempt. Prize will be forwarded to winner in line if the winner falls into this bracket.

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